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1202 Cedar Springs Rd., Sugar Grove, Va.

Sunday School Class Launches “You’ve Got Questions, God Has Answers” Series

August 20, 2017 News 0

The “Pastor’s Sunday School Class” at Summit Baptist Church in Sugar Grove, Virginia, will be launching a new and exciting series entitled, “You’ve Got Questions, God Has Answers”.

Attendees of the class were given blank sheets of paper and encouraged to anonymously write down any Biblical question they may have had and the result is over a month’s worth of Sunday School lessons ranging from divorce and parenting to superstitions and the affects of sin in a Christian’s Life.

“We’ve done these questions before as a church and found them to be extremely helpful to the many people who submitted them,” said Pastor Jeremy Farley, adding, “A lot of times people are too shy or afraid to ask some of the more serious questions and this has been a great way for them to find the Biblical answers they seek.


The tentative schedule for the upcoming Sunday School lessons is as follows:

Aug 20 – Why are Christians against abortion?

Aug. 27 – What exactly is predestination and is it Biblical?

Sept. 3 – Should I believe in superstitions?

Sept. 10 – If you are saved, is sinning going to affect your life in heaven?

Sept. 17 – Can a divorced man be a deacon? If not, why can’t he, if the blood of Christ covers all sin?

Sept. 24 – What if my spouse doesn’t go to church? How do I raise my children to love God in this situation?

Oct. 1 – Please explain and compare the different denominations. What do they believe?

Oct. 8 – Why did Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit?


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