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1202 Cedar Springs Rd., Sugar Grove, Va.

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Visiting a new church for the first time can be a little intimidating. We fully understand this and will do everything in our power to make your first visit as unstressful and as encouraging as possible.

Below is a quick guide answering many questions individuals wishing to visit for the first time may have:

Where are you located?

Summit Baptist Church is located at 1202 Cedar Springs Rd., Sugar Grove, VA 24375


What are your service times?

Sunday School – 10 a.m., Sunday Morning Worship – 11 a.m., Sunday Evening – 6 p.m., Wednesday Evening – 7 p.m.


Where do I enter the building?

You may enter the church at the front doors facing the road, individuals with physical handicaps are encouraged to take advantage of our ramp and enter through the side door.


What should I wear?

There are no dress requirements at Summit. You will find everything from jeans and t-shirts, to dresses and business suits. Wear what helps you honor God at church! When you get here, we won’t pay much attention to what you’re wearing, we’re interested in helping you find encouragement and strength in a new relationship with God.


What are your services like?

At Summit Baptist Church, we strive to be the “old fashioned”, down-to-earth church you may remember growing up in as a child, and at the same time seek to offer relevant, loving, and Bible-based ministry to every person who walks through our doors.

Our services typically last just over an hour. Our music includes both traditional hymns and modern, Christ honoring and uplifting solos.

A great emphasis is placed upon preaching and teaching the Word of God in a straightforward and understandable manner, tackling the issues of our day.


As a first time visitor, how will I be treated?

As cheesy as it may sound, we prefer not to use the phrase, “first time visitor” but instead wish to call you a “first time attender”, as it is our goal that you will leave our church having enjoyed such a blessing from God that you desire to come back and be with us again and again.

All first time attenders will be given a gift (nothing fancy, just a small token of our appreciation) and provided an opportunity to briefly meet with the pastor and his wife should you desire, simply in an effort to allow our pastor and his family a better chance to get to know you and the stage of life in which you may currently find yourself.


What do you believe and what is your purpose as a church?

To put it simply, we believe the Word of God to be the supreme, infallible and final Authority for mankind (Click here to take a harder look at what we believe).

Our purpose as a church is three-fold

1- To Evangelize the Sinner

2 –┬áTo Encourage the Saints

3 – To Exalt the Savior